His Journey


Is a story of a young man

who could be learning in good universities

could be working in nice cities

But chose to walk away

To abandon his life

To feel the wild

To create his own life

He is Christopher McCandless

The legendary Alex

This man changed his name from Christopher McCandless to Alexander Supertramp. He hitchhiked around in the US. Row a carvel into Mexico without any ID. He had a good communication skill that he can find a job easily and he can make a lot of friends to help him on his journey. He work and learn everywhere to seek for a final journey. He hitchhiked to Alaska and walked alone into the wilderness of Mt.McKinley. He used his knowledge to identify the food in the wild and he cook with simple tools. In the far far world, Alex never came back. He became a legend.

The Map

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Character List


Alex Supertramp / Chris McCandless 

Chris McCandless is the main character in this book. When he graduated college, he donated his money to charity and headed out West. Chris changed his name to “Alexander Supertramp” in order to live a new life. Chris died of the poision of moss on those potato roots.

Wayne Westerberg 

Wayne Westerberg employed McCandless in Carthage, South Dakota. McCandless became friends with Westerberg that sent letter to him every month.

Walt McCandless 

Walt McCandless is Chris’s father. Before Chris left, he was angry with Walt when he learned Walt had a child by his first wife after Chris had been born to Walt’s second wife.

Billie McCandless 

Billie McCandless is Chris’s mother.

Carine McCandless

Carine is Chris’s younger sister (same mom). Carine was very close to her brother as Alex’s words and suffer a lot when he died.

Jim Gallien

Jim Gallien delivers the hitchhiking McCandless to his final destination. Gallien tries to make McCandless change his mind about his plans but later gave him a lot of supplies for the final trip.

Jan Burres 

McCandless meets Jan Burres and her boyfriend Bob on the road. McCandless meets up with Jan and Bob a few times and keeps in touch with them just like Wayne.  

Ronald Frantz

Ronald Frantz gives “Alex” a ride to his camp at Oh-My-God Hotsprings. Frantz and Alex spent a lot of time together while Frantz find Alex similar to his son. Later Alex convince Frantz to live like him and he did.

Gaylord Stuckey 

Gaylord Stuckey meets McCandless along the Alaskan Highway, where he asks for a ride. Stuckey refused him at first but later found him nice and took him to Fairbanks and bought him a bag of rice and leave him at the university he learnt things about the potato roots.